Solar cooking workshop

06/14/2010 at 4:18 pm (Eventos passados) (, , )

Solar Cooking Workshop and Solar Lunch

To participate in this workshop of solar cooking, you can make your reservation at the Termas da Azenha (see here under). The costs are 30€ p.p., lunch included.

at Termas da Azenha

Sunday, 20th of June 2010

10:00 h.  Opening

10:15 h. Lecture about solar cooking (types, devices, experiences, recipes, environmental information)

11:30 h. Demonstration to make your own solar cooking device / preparation of the solar cooked lunch

(there will be some refreshments present)

13:00 h. Solar lunch, in the mean time prepared on the present parabólicas, ovens and other types of devices

15:00 h. Goodbye

Lunch will be made of organic products, homegrown vegetables and “green” meat:

1 – Rice “integral” Border Field stripped with just one
passage in the millstones of traditional watermill Borda do Campo, watermill moved
with renewable energy – the driving force of the water of the stream
2 – Salt and flor de sel salt from traditional mills
3 – lettuce, potatoes, onions, carrots, squash traditional agricultural production
4 – Sardines of the season
5 – Cornmeal processed in the traditional production of grinding mill
Borda do Campo
6 – carob flour mill processed in the traditional watermill
Borda do Campo
7 – Almonds

Termas da Azenha ~ Rua João Henriques Foja Oliveira ~ 3130-433 Vinha da Rainha

+351 – 916 589 145      +351 – 239 508 493

GPS: 40º 4´49″  / 8º 44´30″ ~ Canteiros ~ E.M. 521

Menu: a.o. vegetable-soup, pilaw, sardines, cornbread, carob tartelette

Taking into consideration, that there is a limited number of participants, we appreciate your  early reservation. We will notify you asap if you are in.

You can make your reservation here:

Helena Lanser
tel & fax : 239 508 493 ; tm (pref.): 916 589 145

You could stay overnight in the Termas da Azenha, there are some very nice rooms, in a very nice area. You can click here to see some of them.

Termas da Azenha, Rua João Henrique Foja Oliveira, 3130-434 Soure, Portugal

E.M. 521 –  Canteiros –  GPS: 40º 4´49″ N  8º 44´30″


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