PDC Curso Design em Permacultura – 5 Julho – Sintra

05/19/2010 at 1:05 pm (PDC - Permaculture Design Course) (, , )

Horário: 5 julho 2010 a 18 julho 2010
Cidade: SINTRA
Site ou Mapa: http://treeyopermaculture.wor…
Telefone:             PT +351 966747775 Call        Cristina
Tipo de evento: course
Organizado por: Doug Crouch and Cristina Peixoto

Another dynamic Permaculture Design Course is in the works for Portugal from the teaching team of TreeYo. The course will continue the traditional format of an intensive two weeks of interactive learning and hands on activities. This format allows use to delve deep into the theory of the design principles, recount past design and implementation work, and progress Escola da Terra further towards its aim of a sustainable school through hands on experiences. To learn more about our specific facilitation style and view the highlights of the past courses there, please visit the following: http://www.treeyopermaculture.wordpress.com

The course will be held at the Escola Da Terra which has several water harvesting features, gardens, and an emerging food forest. As well there is a great surrounding community that helps to deliver this course with lots of love. This intention manifests into delicious food, warm hosts, and a fun atmosphere.

The course will be held near Sintra, just outside of Lisbon, which has very beautiful forests, beaches, and more moderate temperatures. The local villages have the feel of the countryside yet it is easily reachable from Lisbon. A 45 minute train ride and a 15 minute car ride and you are there.

This course follows the 14 chapters of Permaculture : A designers Manual by Bill Mollison. Some of the topics presented within that includes the following and more:
– Ethics, Principles, and Methods of Design
– Water harvesting, conservation, purification, and revitalization
– Tree Crops, reforestation, and nutrient recycling
– Soil classification, biological interaction, and remineralization
– Tropical, Dryland, and Temperate influences on vegetation, housing, and
– Nutrition and fermentation
– Transition Towns – emerging and evolving approach to community level sustainability
Facilitator: Doug Crouch and Gautier Gras
Language used: English (with help to translate unknown words whenever needed)
Course fee: 450 Euros , all meals included, plus housing at local hostel or camping for free
Host Site: Escola da Terra– Rua do Tojal 12, Casas Novas, (Almocageme), Sintra, Portugal.
For specific questions feel free to contact, Doug at cdoug_e@hotmail.com

Our aim as Permaculture trainers is to creatively facilitate a learning process that empowers people in permaculture design through experiential learning and hands-on training. Each student completes the course with a site design and presentation based on
the skills and knowledge accumulated throughout the two weeks. This reinforces the material presented and allows students to gain the confidence needed to begin implementing sustainability initiatives into ones growing space and community.


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